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Welcome to Aston's journal!
We invite you to share in our joy of raising our fur-baby!

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a parody on Justin Timberlake's song: "Damn Girl". He apparently loves Britney's bald new look.

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Aston's videos:
a year in the life of aston, happy birthday day, army birthday, aston iv,
let's go swimming, gone fishin', ode to ye grapenuts

the perfect accessory (hehe)

bought this ulra cute boston terrier bag from KOHL's (50% off!) haha..... of course, i wouldn't wear it in public, lest I want to get curious looks from passersby. lol. but i'm a crazy boston lady and i just HAD to get it!!
oooh. wear the collar as a headband. BONUS! (yes we still have our christmas tree up lol)

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where'd the time go?

We simply cannot believe that our little mon chi chi is now 2 years old! He's a MAN, baby! Aston's still as sweet as ever (and still a daddy's boy haha). We love him so so so much!! We just cannot imagine our life without him....

Happy Birthday, Aston! May we celebrate MANY MANY MANY more birthdays with you!

AGH!! I wish I knew how to work our new iMovie on our MacBook Pro, otherwise, I'd have a slideshow of his 2nd year. I'll have to learn and post it later ;)

His birthday celebration was pretty low key. When I got home from work, we had to bring him to his appointment at the vet. Since we moved, we decided to move to a vet closer to us. The vet saw that Aston's paws had hair loss and looked red. I told him about his history with allergies, but we went ahead and ok'ed a skin scraping to rule out demodex (again, for the 3rd time). Thankfully, his tests came back negative, but that just means that we'll have to figure out what he's allergic to and might have to see a veterinarian dermatologist. For now, he was given antihistamines and a topical spray to get rid of the itch. Our 2 year old boy weighed in at 19.3 lbs :)

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THANK YOU ALL FOR THE WARM BIRTHDAY WISHES!! Here's to another fun-filled year!